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Friday, 9 June 2017



So much has been happening in the past couple of weeks. I figured it was time to let you all know about all of the small, but significant, developments made getting ready for Foggy's launch on 5th July.

So, where to begin! I guess many of you will have seen Foggy's logo? He's not had one before so
Team Foggy is very excited! It will be great to add to the 'brand' and it will make anything Foggy does instantly recognisable. So you should see this logo everywhere! Thank you to Ali Schillemore (Twitter @AliSchillemore) for donating her time, energy and expertise for free to help our cause.

Now I have the logo sorted, I will be sorting Foggy's business cards, flyers, global travel bag etc.

Foggy LOVES cake. One of the first things he asked me to organise for his launch was a yummy dog-themed cake for his partygoers to enjoy. So, I contacted Jack Preston at Sweet Science Patisserie. You can see from his Facebook page - his cakes are delicious creations! Jack is donating this cake to our cause. Thank you Jack.

I want the launch party to be great fun with fantastic music. A young singer called Chloe Anne was recommended to me. She is a local Portsmouth musician and is extremely talented. She has also volunteered her services for free. She will be performing with my friend Ian Thomas who will accompany her on Saxophone. It will be great live music! Take a look at Chloe Anne's Facebook page.

I want the launch party to be great fun! With that in mind, my friend Laura Rose has offered the use of her vintage VW camper/photo booth services for the evening. She owns Lulubelle's Limousine, her camper is usually used at weddings and events to add photo fun! So, come along and play around with photos and props!

Next, the raffle had to be organised. I figured it was a good/simple way to raise cash on the night to get Foggy's fund off to a great start. I underestimated how much work is involved when trying to get businesses to donate prizes. It is particularly tricky when the cause is an invisible illness that is rarely understood! I listed the donors in my previous blog so won't do that again here. But, I would like to say again how grateful I am for their generosity. I have a number of supermarket and Amazon vouchers so will be able to buy prizes closer to the event too. Today, a bottle of London Dry Gin arrived in the post, not for my own personal consumption unfortunately! Thank you to Sipsmith for the donation (Found on NotontheHighStreet).

I am not liking promoting the launch party. It reminds me of past birthday parties - personality contest! Free tickets are being booked slowly and steadily but there are still a lot left. Book tickets HERE!  Please share this blog and encourage friends and family to attend. It would be an awful shame if not many people came after all of this effort! I have promoted it everywhere I can think of so now Team Foggy have to keep their paws crossed!

One bit of fab news is that Foggy will have an official promo video. Susan from Elephant in Scarlett, a local video production business, came to Foggy HQ last week and filmed Foggy and I. Footage will be turned into a short clip explaining what ME Foggy Dog is, for anyone who hasn't come across us before. This is a fab development and will certainly help to promote the Foggy 'brand'. Susan will also be filming the launch party and broadcast the event on Facebook Live. I had planned on filming it on my phone but, thanks to Susan, footage will now be of a good quality! However, the venue doesn't have wifi.......  Another issue to be overcome but... it'll be fine!

Finally....MERCHANDISE!! I have discovered bulk shipping. This will make selling stuff a lot simpler and I won't have to sell a certain amount before having them printed and shipped. My last venture into merchandise was a bit of a nightmare. This new way will be sooo much better! I will be launching the merchandise during the launch party. Foggy's 'shop' will be 'opened' on the website, mefoggydog.org, on the day of the launch! I will set prices low enough to make £1.50 profit on each item. That profit will be added to Foggy's fund. You can choose from mugs, t-shirts, vests and hoodies. At the moment, there are 3 different designs that cater for men and women.

There is also something top secret going on that COULD be very exciting. More info to come if I am successful.

Phew! This blog sums up my past month or so! 

Thank you for following Foggy....July 5th here he comes!

Sally (and Foggy....obviously)

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Charity Raffle Prize Donations


As you will probably be aware, I have spent quite a lot of time over the past month or so contacting various businesses asking if they would like to donate a raffle prize for Foggy's raffle in return for free promotion on Foggy's online stuff.

I have had a great response from supermarkets to beauty salons. Foggy Followers and my own family members have donated vouchers for me to buy prizes for the raffle. I am very grateful for everyone's generosity. However, I wanted to write this blog because a number of businesses have said that they only support children's charities, I want to explain something.

I completely understand what they mean by 'children's charities' but, do they know that M.E (or the
ridiculous C.F.S) is the major cause of childhood school absenteeism in the UK? M.E IS a childhood illness (in part). So, we may not be a neo-natal unit or be specifically aimed at children but the ME Association does support children with their work.

I have contacted well over 150 organisations and had positive replies from 10. M.E is not a trendy illness. We are invisible and misunderstood, and so getting positive responses was always going to be an uphill struggle.

Other news - 
The launch is getting bigger!!
We will have live music from a very talented young lady called Chloe Anne -Click the link to see her Facebook page.Chloe Anne She will be supported by Ian Thomas, a friend of mine, Former RM Musician and great Saxophonist.

The event will be screened live on Facebook Live. I was going to film it via my phone but after meeting up with Sue from Elephant in Scarlett (a video production company who is generously going to film a Foggy promo video free of charge) it will now be filmed using a top quality camera to make sure it's of a decent quality. So, if you can't come on the night you can watch it from home (Please come if you can though)!

My friend Laura Rose owns a campervan/limousine business and has offered the use of her gorgeous red vintage camper van at the start of the evening. So, anyone who attends the launch can have their photo taken with Foggy inside/outside of the van when they arrive. Great fun! Laura will also be bringing her photo booth (usually used at weddings) so we can all have fun with photos on the night. I'll be supplying props etc.

There will be a 20 minute talk from me OBVIOUSLY. I want to raise some awareness as well as raise money.

The charity raffle will have a minimum of 15 quality prizes so it will be well worth buying a ticket or 10! You've got to be in it to win it!

There will be a cake! Sweet Science Patisserie is donating a dog themed cake for the event. Foggy LOVES cake! Thank you, Jack, for your generosity.

Here is the link to Foggy's Launch Party - He hopes you can come!! It'll be a lot of fun!
'Buy' your free ticket by clicking the link and booking.  Foggy's Launch Party The venue has allowed 120 guests. I want to fill that room!


Sally xx